One And All

by An Norvys

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An Norvys - One and All (First EP):
I. Morveren
II. The Lost Land Of Lyonesse
III. Jack the Giant Killer
IV. Wrath


released January 6, 2011

Recorded in 2011

Vocals : Liliane Bos
Violin : Carine Dubarry
Lead Guitars : Julien Ginez
Rythm Guitar : Sylvain Carles
Bass : Frederic Mauriac
Drums : Spellbound


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An Norvys Aurillac, France

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Track Name: Morveren
Sitting on a rock in
Zennor cove, Morveren was combing
Her long mermaid hair
When a sweet melody came to her ear

Heavenly sounds
In which her heart drowns
Whence comes this melodious breeze?

How could she live before this evening,
before hearing this song borne upon the wind?
She's under the spell of Matthew's singing.
A mermaid bewitched by a mere human being.

Next evening on the shore,
She came closer to hear some more.
From the church came the notes
To which the sea creatures now devotes

What bird sings so sweet,
Fills her cold body with heat?
This gifted singer she needs to meet.

How will she breathe until next evening,
Without hearing this song borne upon the wind,
Gone back with the wind?
She's under the spell of Matthew's singing.
A mermaid bewitched by a mere human being.

Oh, Llyr,
Father, dear,
Let me se
The earthly world
Oh, please...

Impossible, my dear Morveren,
The walking creatures shall have none of my children.
Their land is forever forsaken.
This quest of yours is strictly forbidden.

Father let me go,
I need to know
Who owns this voice.
This church I must enter,
I must discover
I don't have a choice.
Track Name: The Lost Land Of Lyonesse
The waves rolled the pebbles along,
Rolled and wiped everything out.
The waves rolled and crashed onto the cliffs.
People in Lyonesse had known it long,
Furious sea, storms blowing out...
Sailors used to being driven adrift...

Lyonesse lay beyond
Land's End and was the pride of the region :
Fine cities, hundreds of chruches...
A whole country nestled in the sea.

Yet on this dreadful November day of 1099,
The storm was stronger, the waves rose higher than the belfries.
People screaming, people fearing this water plague smelling of death.

That day the sea swallowed up the whole land of Lyonesse.

As the waves crashed on the land,
A white horse ran.
On his back sat Trevilian,
Riding so fast...
Reaching high ground at Perranthnoe,
Safe and sound...
Looking down he realized
He was the last.

All of them died here,
Lost, eternally...

The sea engulfed the country,
Nothing left to see,
Apart from mountain peaks
Known now as the Isles of Scilly.

Hear, hear the bells ringing,
Hear them from beneath the sea,
Hear the souls calling,
Track Name: Jack the Giant Killer
Who will destroy the giant called Cormoran,
For he is the worst ordeal that can be found.
Since he set his throne on top of St Michael's mount,
Everyone's lived in fear,
Child, woman or man.

Many a brave knight tried
To overcome the monster.
They all failed,
Some even died.
The only champion's left is a farmer.

Who thinks Jack is going to kill Cormoran?
For the strongest, bravest men died in his hands.
Since he's their last hope, they'd better let him try.
Everyone doubtfully waits, stares, sighs or cries.

Jack spends a whole day digging
A huge pit. People keep wondering.
Jack lures the giant blowing
His horn and here he's coming!

Trampling down,
Down St Michael's mount.

Heedless of Jack's plan,
The giant falls down
In the pit and groans.

The farmer's son looks down,
Towering the titan :
"Who is taller, now?"

His pick held up in the air,
Then smashed onto Cormoran's head...
The one who slew the giant.
Track Name: Wrath
Waiting for the next ship,
Lying in his cave,
He'll soon put his grip
On the human flesh he craves

With one boulder he'll rip
The boat and all these knaves.
He'll pick them up, get'em all

Who knows what lies inside
Ralph's cupboard, where so many died?
See their remains at the next tide,
Don't stay too long there, Go, hide!
Get away 'cause with one stride,
He'll catch you and those beside
you. Fear him, stay outside.

Careless ship comes nearby,
Daredevils from St Ives.
Their wives pleas they ignored
By sailing near this hole.
Wrath's boulder flies high,
crashes onto the boat.
Terrorized sailors cry,
Wrath takes them

Please God, Bless them
Don't let them
Die in this devil's hands.

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